We, Polymeren General Recycling Albania (GPR Albania), are one of the main Recycling company in Albania of plastic polymers such as PET, PP and HDPE and PE which are recycled through a modern and sophisticated German technology. By doing so, our company, has became one of the most important structures in reference to the high capacity and quality on the polymers recycling.

You will find us an attentive and reliable partner, ready to meet your requirements, aiming at quality and professionalism, making possible the  realization of the highest business values.

We are a leading factor in increasing environmental protection increasing purity and quality of the environment. Recycling provides a major contribution to the environment removing a large amount of unwanted waste and gas, which, without recycling will be liberated in the environment.

Recycling is necessary to abandon the sources of natural raw materials and finding new opportunities while minimizing negative impacts on the environment.







QEC ISO9001 2008-10


PET is one of the primary plastic raw material in the market, with open and new applications.


Our production has also an expanded range to the recycling of PP flex.



The HD-PE material we recycle comes form the detergent containers


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